Please contact Ms. Rebecca to discuss choreography fees for Solos and duos at  (586) 453-6868.

Summer Tuition

  • 30 minute class = $85.00 per session

  • 40 minute class = $90.00 per session

  • 60 minute class = $100.00 per session


Registered Drop In Rates

  • 30 minute class = $18.00 per class

  • 40 minute class = $20.00 per class

  • 50 minute class = $24.00 per class

  • 60 minute class = $28.00 per class

Non-Registered Drop In Rates

  • 30 minute class = $20.00 per class

  • 40 minute class = $25.00 per class

  • 50 minute class = $30.00 per class

  • 60 minute class = $35.00 per class

Muana and Princess Camp Cost- $70.00
Intensive Costs:
  • Co. Mini Intensive = $90.00
  • Co. Petite Intensive = $120.00
  • Co. Int/Sr/Pro-Am Intensive = $120.00

Tuition is due on or before the 1st week of Class.

A late fee of 10% will be applied to accounts not paid on time.

(A Credit Card number is required to be on file. Unpaid balances will automatically be charged to the card on file.)

Payments can be made by Credit Card, cash,

or check made to:

Rebecca Crimmins Dance

Annual Registration Fee: $35.00 per student per year (based on the individual student's start date)

Tuition Discounts:

  • A 10% discount applies to the 4th class - after 4 classes there is no additional cost

                  (per student). 

  • Late Registrations will be pro-rated.


Incelement Weather Policy

In the event there is inclement weather and we are under a winter weather advisory (roads are or are becoming hazardous due to ice and snow). RCD will cancel classes.   When these conditions are in effect in the AM, morning classes will be cancelled in conjunction with Romeo Community Schools, RCS.  A determination will be made between 1:00-2:00PM for all afternoon and evening classes, if weather conditions merit class cancellations.  An email and/or text will be sent as notification for class cancellations.  NOTE: RCS close for additional "snow days" when back dirt roads are too icy for busses to get to subdivisions or it is too cold for children to walk to school..  RCD will not close under these conditions as deemed by RCS.  Please check your inbox for notification of when classes are cancelled.  

Parents reserve the right to not bring their students to classes due to weather conditions.  However, RCD does not schedule make-up classes for classes cancelled due to extreme weather conditions.  Dancers are encouraged to make up a missed class during another age range or type of dance class at any time during any session.  Parents please notify staff when your dancer will make up a missed "snow day" class.